Australia keeps beating the USA

More specifically Melbourne keeps beating NYC.

What am I talking about?

For every new project I get in the door I always like to do a bit of research before we start the heavy lifting. Some web industry R&D if you will. Yes, of course I start with Ireland and then the UK. But they are the obvious places to look. If I am going to be treating my client to something a little bit special I need to be looking outside the box.

Without a doubt, Northern European websites show off the most cutting edge design and stunning typography. But the whole language thing can be a bit of an obstacle.

So I look first to the West and then to the South. I’m talking about researching successful local SME’s for a particular field or profession, so I tend to go straight to New York & Melbourne to find a good sample. Nearly every time the standard of Australian sites is far superior to their American cousins. It might sound unlikely but it is true. Keep up the good work Sheila and Brucie!

Braintoss — My New App Crush

I don’t even usually like apps. Give me a nicely designed mobile website any day of the week. However I recently discovered Braintoss.

Let me tell you one thing that I have learnt over the last couple of years: Complexity is a temptress when it comes to Apps.

The beauty of Braintoss is in the simplicity!

 Braintoss my new App crush.

Imagine you are on the bus, ironing your hair or just lying awake at 2.30am. Then BOOM, you have that rare epiphany that you just know you have to remind yourself of later on.
Speak, snap or write your idea and braintoss will send it to your inbox. I know there are other ways of doing it, but none that are this deliciously simple and 100% distraction free.

Simply create a new folder and redirect rule for your inbox and you will never lose that inspirational idea again.

The name alone is worth the 1.99 that it costs in the app / play store.

One Final Thing:

If you get sweaty while you workout then this is for you!

When I go to my spinning classes (yep!!) this is quite simply a “must have”. A great client recently launched a new product to the Irish market. It is the perfect companion for any type of exercise. It is the towel that cools you down when you get hot. And I’ve got a cool discount for everyone in the audience.

Buy one now for just €10 with free postage and delivery anywhere in Ireland.

Go to

Simply drop me an email to get your discount code.

Trust me it actually works!

Keep it digital,


p.s. Regarding Apps v Mobile websites, yes I definitely am biased from a professional point of view. I could do you up a nice mobile website by the time you are still searching your way through the millions of apps that you will never use.

p.p.s. Thanks for all of the feedback from the last post that I wrote and your suggestions for places to visit in Ireland. I might indeed look further afield for my next holiday destination or else listen to less Irish folk songs. Somebody even told me that I should stop what I am doing and go listen to a band called the Eagles. Sure I’ll give them a whirl and see if they don’t have any good hotel recommendations for us to share.

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