Using TripAdvisor to plan my holidays

I was thinking about keeping it local for my holiers this year so I decided to check out some reviews about Ireland to help me decide where to go. Here are the first few suggestions I came across.

A long journey from London!

It’s a long way to get there, it sure is a long way to go. I left from London, saying farewell to Dave at Picadilly and I said so long to Boris at Leicester Square. The purpose of my trip was to go visit the sweetest gal I know. But also I believe that my heart probably lies there. If you are planning on making the trip I do have to warn you that it is a long way to go.

Tipperary, Ireland — 4/5
Mort from Earls Court

Bird-watching in the West of Ireland

I went with the ambition to see some small free birds fly, but one poor fella could not not get off the ground as there was something stuck to his wing. I went for supper at Trev & Lynnes place but I was disappointed that all of the corn was gone, apparently the young enjoy it in the morning. Michael and Mary were excellent hosts, if a little eccentric. Every evening they would head out and serenade each other by the local prison wall, which I found a little bizarre.

It most certainly is a lonely place and it definitely floods in the Winter as the fields do indeed lie very low.

Athenry, Galway — 2/5
JP von den Klugge from Brugge


Romantic Weekend in the Capital

We heard that some of the streets by the canal could be quite enchanted and that Autumn was the best time to visit. It sounded swell to us that you could walk upon the fallen leaves. They must have wild animals around that part as early one morning we saw a beautiful dark haired lady weaving some type of snare. As it was a romantic weekend, I did the touristy thing and I bought some local literature, (some dude called Patty Cavana, check him out on Amazon!). I gave my love some of his poems to say, I meant to give her some other gifts of the mind as well but all I gave her was our secret sign. As for those wild animals, all that we ever saw was one sad creature made of clay.

p.s. The Queen of Tarts just off dame street is fricking awesome, they still make these cakes shaped like hearts and the protein balls are filled with whey.

Raglan Road, Dublin 3/5
Nacho & Lil from Nashville


Another Wild Stag Weekend

Our first port of call was the Gasworks pub just down past the old canal. In the distance we could hear sirens from the silicon docks and it looked like the lights from the Aviva were setting the night on fire.

I got chatting to a local girl and we started talking about the dreams we dream. Later in the night, as the chat was getting a little dirty we decided to head further into the old town. To cut a long story short, as the clouds were drifting across the moon, I ended up kissing my girl, by the Button Factory Wall.

Dublin aka The Dirty Old Town 5/5
Flat out Broke from Stoke


Serious Bonus Points if you had guessed each of the traditional Irish songs before you had seen the place name of the review.

One Final Thing:

If there are any places in Ireland that you know only by song and would like to see a Chief review, don’t hesitate to leave your suggestions below.

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