I hope that you have been having a great summer and have had enjoyed some holidays. I just wanted to drop you a quick mail as there have been some big changes at Digital Chief and a few things that might be of interest to you.


1. A Brand New Website.

They say that doctors are bad at looking after their own health and accountants can’t manage their own finances, well there is a certain amount of truth that web designers neglect their own websites. Anyway, we have been plugging away the last few weeks and have given Digital Chief a serious makeover.
It is still at the same great domain and I would love to hear any feedback that you might have:



2. Introducing Danny

Some of you may have met him already and he has worked on a few projects in the past, but as of 2 weeks ago, I am very pleased to announce that Danny is now taking on a more full time role with Digital Chief. With a masters in Marketing and 15 years experience in graphic design, I believe that he is the perfect complement to provide our clients with the service they need and help us to achieve outstanding results.
Find out more about him and his experience here: Danny Gebran


3. Is this the Quickest Survey Ever Created?

This is a challenge to you. I reckon it should take somewhere between 20 – 40 seconds to complete. We are putting together topics for our newsletters for the next few months and like a slobbering puppy, we are seriously eager to please. It is a simple tick the box of what you would find interesting to read.

The 30-second survey

(We are also looking to add some more guest authors for specific topics so we need to know what would interest you.)

Keep it digital,


p.s. Yes it is true that our new website has gone big on some audacious new imagery, I think it quite accurately represents our free, independent and adventurous spirit, or at least how we like to imagine ourselves to be.

p.p.s. Speaking of images, apparently restaurants no longer really need to worry about the quality of the food they serve. The important question for any restaurant or cafe owner;
Is your place insta-friendly?
And for the consumer, remember, the next time that you are served “rainbow coloured unicorn food” it is not the taste that counts.
Long but interesting read about restaurants and instagram

Anyone for unicorn friendly rainbow sushi?


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