Previously on the Digital Chief newsletter there had been a quick survey to gauge what content our esteemed readers would like to see in future editions. A (surprisingly?) large number of you did exactly that. Responses were varied but all were taken on-board. That is, of course, all the responses that suited my narrow agenda were then filtered, improved upon and then taken on-board.

So what follows below, I believe, will tick off a number of boxes of the content you requested, such as “interesting Irish websites”“topical news” and of course “I like surprises”, well come on, who doesn’t like shiny, happy, feel-good, Friday surprises.

Images courtesy of Stephen Scully Photography

The Anti-Black Friday or the Do-Good Friday

I have recently been doing some work with what I think is one of the coolest companies around Dublin.
How do I determine what a cool company is?
Well, they spend their days designing and building urban bikes and doing mad and funky stuff on the interweb. Hello, that sounds pretty cool to me. And as a company they have a very healthy social conscience too. Discussions in their office revolve around the likes of flat handlebars versus pursuit bars, fixed or single speed, Bubble Gangsta v The Mothership. The exact type of lingo that I love to be around (I do a lot of nodding and pretend that I understand exactly what it all means). The last few weeks have been eye-opening working with the guys at

This year as a company Funked Up are taking a stand against the overly hyped and commercialised Black Friday Sales and are instead turning their attention to the local Community and wider Society. They are hoping to encourage their customers and other local businesses to do the same.


Images courtesy of Stephen Scully Photography

10 For You and 10 For Simon

This promotion simply means that you will be saving when you buy (10% off), but even more importantly Funked Up will match that discount and donate the same amount on your behalf to the Simon Community. So with every purchase you make, you are saving money and contributing to one of Ireland’s most worthy appeals.

But it gets even better…

If you are feeling extra generous, there is a simple option to donate all 20% to the Simon community, now that really is a big deal in helping the community and hopefully building a brighter future.

And could it possibly get even better?

Oh it does! The good people at Funked Up have decided that while it starts on Black Friday the promotion is going to run all the way right through Christmas to the end of the year.

They are running the promo on all of their bikes and also on accessories, such as bike lights, locks, tyres etc.

Find the full details here:
Or Click on the banner below.

One Final thing:

Mark’s Life Hack on how to Save America

I feel like I have warned you before, but you have got to make sure that you are selective when it comes to which ad you click on while surfing the web.

Rule №1 — Don’t click on paid (sponsored) Ads for brands that you actually reeally like. Of course buy from them but save them the (ppc) spend and go direct to their site or go to the organic results in google, (below the “sponsored” results.)

Rule №2 — Do click on Ads for Trump hotels or other particularly malodorous corporations. Especially if you are seeing the ad on a website that you like. Thus the content publisher will earn a few cents and the Donald has to pick up the bill.

I have been doing my part for humanity over the last while and clicking on all the Trump hotel ads that increasingly appear, the google-bots seem certain that I’m really desperate to go stay at the Trump National Doral.
Well I say; I pity those robotic fools, this ain’t my first digital rodeo.

Unfortunately I alone will be unable to bankrupt the Donald, but I reckon that if I get all of you good people to join me we might just have a chance. Remember, click early and click often!.

Keep it digital,



P.s. Speaking of clicking on ads etc, I do love clicking on random posts, ads and banners. It is just a big game after all, where Google and FB simply make up the rules. I reckon the most important thing for us humans to do; is to make sure that we keep those pesky robots guessing, keep them confused or else it looks like we are deliberately making it easy for the Machine to win.

P.p.s. In case you might be thinking that the content above is a bit of a blatent sales email for one of my favourite clients, well it probably is. But it is an interesting company, doing good things and everybody should have the chance once in awhile to get a little funked up.

P.p.p.s Don’t actually fall into temptation and book a stay at the trump international, that would definitely defeat the purpose of our cunning little stunt.

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