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Funk Black Friday — Do something useful!

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Previously on the Digital Chief newsletter there had been a quick survey to gauge what content our esteemed readers would like to see in future editions. A (surprisingly?) large number of you did exactly that. Responses were varied but all were taken on-board. That is, of course, all the responses…

A Summer of Evolution

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I hope that you have been having a great summer and have had enjoyed some holidays. I just wanted to drop you a quick mail as there have been some big changes at Digital Chief and a few things that might be of interest to you.   1. A Brand…

Is this a crypto fantasy or will it be the fiat reality?

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Is it time to start taking Bitcoin seriously as a new global currency? A few years ago I remember chatting to a friend who was threatening to throw a few quid into bitcoin as a fun speculation. That was early 2014 when there was a lot of news coverage about…

Time to be naughty — lessons from Dublin

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I was at the Dublin Tech Summit a little while back. Two days in the convention centre, 4 or 5 themed stages and a hundred or so start-ups pitching their ideas. At this point I should say that it was similar but “different” than the Web Summit, but actually, for…

Let me tell you a secret…

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Australia keeps beating the USA More specifically Melbourne keeps beating NYC. What am I talking about? For every new project I get in the door I always like to do a bit of research before we start the heavy lifting. Some web industry R&D if you will. Yes, of course I…

5 Funniest Travel Reviews of Ireland.

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Using TripAdvisor to plan my holidays I was thinking about keeping it local for my holiers this year so I decided to check out some reviews about Ireland to help me decide where to go. Here are the first few suggestions I came across. A long journey from London! It’s a long…

Trends to Watch for in 2017

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Everybody loves a good listicle at this time of year so I have decided to put together one of my own. Trends to watch out for in 2017: 1. 3D printing is finally going to become affordable. This also means that it is going to open a whole new debate regarding file sharing,…

The canny dope dealers who invented Freemium!

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I’m convinced that the “freemium” concept was first invented by canny drug dealers who started giving teenagers their first few hits for free, knowing that a certain percentage would return and be willing to pay for bigger and better highs (yeah I used to skiped lectures so I could learn…

Why start a newsletter

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Mark here and it is indeed my very first time to post to Medium. Like many others here on this medium i am going to introduce to you a casual 4 minute read, the idea of it is to distract you from doing your actual work. As I am working…